Full servo intelligent high-speed laminating machine series

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Our company is more strict and professional in the production process of fully automatic high-speed paper mounting machine as the foundation of our products. As the driving force of the machine, our company adopts famous brand products from companies such as Japan, Germany, Taiwan, etc. to effectively guarantee


The equipment runs accurately and has stable performance. The bottom paper conveyor adopts a unique leading edge paper feeding mechanism, combined with a high-power centrifugal fan, with a larger paper suction bellows, strong suction force, more accurate paper feeding, and automatic side leveling function to further reduce alignment errors. Adopting high-precision servo motors as the driving force and synchronous belt transmission to reduce noise and ensure stable operation. The glue coating device (coating roller) adopts high-precision cross stitch roller, providing more powerful guarantee for achieving glue coating control and avoiding glue waste. The conveying section of the face paper adopts a combination of PU circular belt and lower fan to ensure that the paper is stable and smooth during operation, and the servo motors on both sides provide corresponding position compensation.