Fully servo intelligent high-speed paper laminating machine

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1 Computerized high-speed lamination, up to 16000 sheets per hour (400mm paper)


2 The paper feeder adopts high-speed paper feeding Feida to ensure accurate paper feeding under high-speed paper feeding conditions.


3 Glue coating device: high-precision coating and conveying, combined with automatic liquid level control of paper and glue wheel edge stopper mechanism, high-speed


Running without overflow can adjust the glue reflux.


4 Sensing compensation alignment device: uses multiple sets of electric eyes to detect the relative position of the base paper forward, causing the servo motors on both sides of the surface paper to


Independent transmission compensation ensures precise alignment of the upper and lower paper, ensuring smooth and high-speed operation of the equipment.


5 Fully functional electronic control system: application of human-machine interface and PLC program light display, capable of automatically detecting operation status and abnormalities


Display and work records, electrical characteristics CE standard.