GT4750 Four open multi color flat printing machine

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The GT4750 large four open multi-color flat printing machine is a product developed by Guanghua Company based on more than 70 years of experience in printing machine manufacturing and continuously drawing on advanced technologies of contemporary international offset printing machines. It adopts modern design, processing, and testing methods such as unit structure principle, modular design, CAD/CAM assisted design, CNC machining center, and three coordinate measuring instrument, which is in line with current trends and has international advanced level.


This machine has excellent structure, good lubrication effect, fast ink balance, high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient use and maintenance, and is safe and reliable. Adopting PLC control and touch screen operation, it has an automatic lubrication system, a continuous alcohol lubrication system, a pneumatic clutch pressure system, an automatic ink cleaning system, and ink volume presetting. The double diameter imprinting drum and paper transfer drum structure can achieve ideal results in both thick and thin paper printing. Choosing an online polishing system or UV printing with curing system will bring additional printing value to users and become a business strategy to expand business.


This product is not only suitable for high-end medium and small format color printing, but also flexibly provides high-quality printing for a wide range of special printing businesses such as thin and thick paper. Especially suitable for packaging and printing.


Its main technical features include:


control system


Human machine graphical interface, PLC program control, touch screen operation and display, fault alarm and remote diagnosis function.

The centralized control system performs numerical automatic control through various programs, achieving numerical automatic control of work programs from startup to paper feeding and pressing, high-speed operation, ink volume pre adjustment, and automatic cleaning of ink rollers.

By centrally controlling the touch screen at the paper receiving section for automatic command setting, the preparation time for printing operations is greatly reduced, and a CIP3/CIP4 digital process interface is reserved.

Paper feeding section


It adopts continuous paper feeding and has the function of loading paper without stopping the machine.

The ultrasonic double sheet detection device (with mechanical anti double sheet) can accurately detect double sheets of paper with different thicknesses, effectively preventing damage to the machine caused by double sheets.

The photoelectric detection device located at the front gauge is sensitive and reliable, with accurate response. The early arrival, late arrival, and skewness of the paper can be quickly and accurately identified, and corresponding locking functions can be executed.

Printing section


The bottom swing paper delivery mechanism has a long positioning time and stable high-speed paper handover.

The double diameter imprinting drum and paper transfer drum have fewer paper transfers and higher transfer accuracy. And it can achieve paper handover after printing is completed, effectively preventing the generation of peeling bars.

Roller pillow contact imprinting, with constant plate pressure and no impact, can print high-quality printed products with clear dots.

The semi-automatic and semi-automatic plate changing mechanism allows the entire plate installation process to be completed in 8 minutes, improving plate installation efficiency.

The automatic registration system can remotely adjust the axial, circumferential, and diagonal directions of the printing plate through the touch screen, with an accuracy of up to 01mm.

The ink amount is automatically pre-set, which can input the color separation information of the printed pattern into the control system before printing, and automatically adjust the ink amount to the ink path system. At the beginning of printing, prints with basically the same color can be obtained, reducing trial printing time and paper waste.

Equipped with an automatic ink roller cleaning device, the touch screen is set to complete the cleaning at once, reducing auxiliary time, improving work efficiency, and enhancing adaptability for short printing.

The pneumatic control for the clutch of the water roller and ink roller, and the working status of the water and ink can be set through the touch screen.

Pneumatic clutch pressure mechanism. The mechanical structure is simple, and the clutch pressure is stable and reliable.

The automatic pressure adjustment device can be set on the touch screen to complete the pressure adjustment process required for paper thickness within 5 minutes, shortening the pressure adjustment time.

The ink roller is driven by a separate motor, which can automatically track the speed of the host and respond quickly to changes in ink demand.

The cooling device of the wetting liquid can automatically control the water temperature and alcohol concentration and maintain them constant.


Paper receiving section


The air cushion paper guide system allows the paper to run without scratches and is equipped with a paper unwinding device.

Adopting frame type paper receiving teeth, the teeth have good rigidity and light weight.

The closed guide rail with elliptical track ensures smoothness during high-speed operation with minimal wear and durability.

The paper is delivered using vacuum suction and top blowing pressure, ensuring smooth and neat delivery.