BESTECH-428 Single sheet four color offset printing machine

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The ingenious drum arrangement nurtures great possibilities

The printing plate drum and offset drum are of equal diameter, the common impression drum for the two color group 1 is 3 times the diameter, and the paper transfer drum is 4 times the diameter. Akiyama's unique drum arrangement has good printing adaptability for both thin and thick paper. Moreover, since the printing of the front color deck is completed before the printing of the back color deck, there will be no printing quality issues between the rollers.

The radius of the embossing drum and the paper transfer drum is large, allowing the printing paper and the surface of the drum to fit naturally, and the paper transfer is stable and smooth.

Due to the use of the minimum number of rollers, which means printing with the least number of paper handover times (4 times for 4-color printing), the printing accuracy is very high.

The paper receiving department only accepts the printed paper after the final color deck printing is completed, even for full field printing, there will be no paper scratching.

A paper gripper mechanism suitable for various thicknesses of paper

To maintain long-term stable accuracy, the paper teeth are made of superhard special steel.

The paper gripper adopts needle roller bearings to reduce the friction force between the paper gripper shaft and the bearing, allowing the spring pressure to fully act on the tip of the paper gripper, ensuring the stability and reliability of the paper gripper force.

Diamond paper teeth are used on the embossing drum and paper transfer drum to improve their service life and positioning accuracy. In addition, special rubber is installed at the tip of the paper picking teeth to improve the paper picking force and prevent paper misalignment.

The cleaning and adjustment of the paper teeth in its mouth is simple and convenient, greatly saving maintenance time.

Continuously innovating centralized control system

Plate type tilt adjustment device

In the adjustment of overprint positioning, the most demanding experience and skills, as well as the most time-consuming and labor-intensive task, are the adjustment of image tilt. The Beslech series adjusts each color group separately by inputting data on the operating platform, which can greatly shorten the operation time. Aklyama is the world's only unique method for adjusting the tilt of the printing plate itself, which can overcome mechanical limitations and achieve higher plate positioning accuracy.

Automatic version changing device

The automatic version change device is an original device created by Aklyama. By utilizing the mechanism feature of "plate cylinder in phase", there is no need for tools when installing the printing plate, and the printing plates of the full color group can be automatically replaced at the same time.

Ink volume presetting function

By using the uniform ink function, inking function, and deinking function, the initial printing time has been shortened, enabling the next batch of printing operations to be carried out without cleaning the rubber blanket during small batch printing.

Automatic cleaning of ink rollers

During the color change operation of each color group, from spraying cleaning solution on the ink roller and cleaning to waste liquid recycling, all are automatically carried out through instructions on the touch screen of the paper receiving section.

Paper size pre adjustment function

By inputting the numerical value of paper size on the touch screen, the position settings of ① paper feeding and suction tray ② brush and roller on the paper feeding board ③ side gauge ④ suction wheel, cardboard leveling, etc. can be automatically set. The numerical value of paper size can also be pre entered into the register.

A quality management system that uniquely adapts to digital workflow

Quality management

Promote color management and pursue comprehensive printing management through numerical management of printing quality. With the improvement of user requirements and the expansion of the range of use of characteristic inks, as well as the promotion of direct input of prepress information into printing systems, color management in color printing has become difficult and complex. Therefore, a high-level color management system is highly anticipated.

Operation console

Enter the CIP4 information before printing or the information from the plate scanner to automatically preset the ink keys.


Automatically scan the color control strip of printed materials to determine the data required for color management.

Compact online polishing system

Online polishing system, in addition to polishing printed materials, can also save the powder spraying process. There are two types of gloss used for polishing: water-based and UV, which are used in combination with an infrared drying device. UV varnish combined with UV hardening device. To achieve the above combination, an extended paper receiving device is equipped to ensure a dry printing surface.

Using a combination of water-based varnish coating and infrared drying device to replace powder spraying can not only solve the problems of powder spraying, but also shorten delivery time and improve printing quality.