SUPERTECH-440 Single sheet four color offset printing machine

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3-4-3 large diameter drum arrangement structure - achieves smooth transfer of the substrate and reduces the number of paper transfers (4 times for 4-color printing), resulting in high overprinting accuracy. The second color is printed after the first color is printed. Eliminates incorrect color transfer between rollers and prevents scratches and dirt.

Printing speed up to 16500 sheets/hour.

Quick height switching system for dental pads - making it easy to switch between thick and thin paper printing operations.

The paper feeding (cam) speed adjustment mechanism - can adjust the paper feeding time of the paper receiving section according to different printing speeds.

Stable and durable high-speed paper feeder - equipped with a vacuum paper feeder and an improved Feida head, it ensures more comprehensive and reliable paper transportation at any speed.

Continuous paper feeding - The number of paper blowing separators has increased from 2 to 4, and the number of paper separating suction nozzles has increased from 2 to 4. At the same time, the operating speed of the paper feeding suction head has been improved and a central blowing device has been added, ensuring stable and reliable paper feeding even at high printing speeds.

Directly coupling the suction wheel and driving motor - eliminates issues such as improper operation, chain elongation, and noise caused by powder accumulation.

Paper thickness from 0.04 to 0.8 millimeters - a wide range of applications.

Rubber roller structure - adopts a continuous fountain system to achieve consistent fountain effect, and the ink path system adopts an innovative structure with a large diameter ink roller, making the printed product have high-quality printing effects, covering from on-site printing to commercial printing.

Ink roller temperature control system -3 temperature control rollers, including 1 ink bucket roller and 2 string ink rollers, to provide stable temperature of the ink roller and printing plate surface, achieving continuous constant temperature ink supply.

Bottom swing paper feeder anti fanning device - When the paper is transferred from the paper feeder to the paper roller, the tail of the paper is extended to prevent loose ends during printing. There is also an anti fan-shaped expansion mechanism installed on the paper feeder in the paper feeding section, so SUPERTECH can easily support various types of substrates. The anti fan expansion in the standard configuration is manually adjusted and can be operated through the handle of the paper feeding section. SUPERTECH can also be ordered with optional remote control functions to assist in automated production processes.

The new ACC console - CIP3/CIP4 (PPF) data can be input before printing. In order to provide feedback on the color data measured by the ACM system to ACC, you can use the ink key data preset function and central operation function throughout the entire printing process. In addition, in the new ACC, the control speed of ink keys from ACC to the printing machine is twice that of traditional ACC, making color management easy to achieve and making it possible to quickly start production. The new ACC configuration has its unique MIS system, which can achieve multi data control and information management of jobs. When encountering the same job in the past during production, the MIS system can easily retrieve the past job data.

ACM - Qiushan can provide density measurement equipment, including online density detectors and spectrophotometers, to scan the color strips of printed paper and measure and save data for the color management system. The ink keys are automatically controlled through data.

■ Vibration free system - Akiyama's original "conjugate cam system" is located in the bite opening/closing mechanism of the feed drum. This technology enables consistent opening and closing of the teeth on both sides of the paper during paper transmission. Make the machine run smoother and prevent the unfolding and overprinting of paper tails with unparalleled precision.

■ Anti paper offside detection - prevents paper from escaping from the front gauge during high-speed printing, and vacuum rollers are installed in both the middle and side gauge sections. The auxiliary front gauge is also installed to improve paper offside detection. If the paper offside is detected, the paper feeding will immediately stop.

Ultrasonic anti double sheet detection system - This system sends ultrasonic waves to the paper delivered by the paper feeding department, so even small changes in the condition of the paper can be detected. If double sheets are detected, the system will stop Feida.

Space saving design - The 3-4-3 drum arrangement structure is more compact than other standard drum arrangement structures. In fact, the total length of SUPERTECH440 is basically equivalent to a 32 inch four color printing machine. SUPERTECH allows you to use your factory space more effectively and efficiently while achieving better completion of each task.

Based on user-friendly simple operation - the shapes, orientations, and covers of various switches have been improved, and the space between the two units has been increased. The operator can easily and happily use SUPERTECH.

Cavity type glazing (optional) - Cavity type glazing can be selected by users for both water-based and UV glazing.