Analysis of the Application of Automatic Paper Feeding System in Single Sheet Offset Press

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What are the components of the paper feeding system of a single sheet printing machine?


The paper feeding system of a single sheet printing machine refers to the system in which a single sheet of paper is continuously and accurately conveyed to the printing device by an offset printing machine. The paper feeding system mainly includes two components: paper separation and conveying device and registration device.


What are the requirements for the paper feeding device of a single sheet offset press?


The specific requirements for the paper feeding device of a single sheet offset printing machine are as follows: (1) It should ensure reliable, accurate, and periodic separation of different specifications, thicknesses, and quantities of paper from the paper pile of the paper stacking table, and transport them to the regular mechanism. (2) During the paper transfer process, the paper surface is not damaged, the printed images and texts are not scratched or dirty, and the edges of the paper are not damaged. (3) During machine transportation, the paper stack can be replenished or replaced to ensure long-term continuous printing. (4) The detection interlocking device should be sensitive and reliable to ensure timely stopping of paper feeding or printing faults.


What mechanism is an automatic paper feeder composed of? What is the role of each institution?


The mechanisms and functions of the automatic paper feeder are as follows: (1) Paper separation mechanism. Accurately separate the paper on the paper pile one by one and transfer it to the feeding board. (2) Paper lifting mechanism. The pile of paper to be printed will gradually rise to the corresponding height as the paper gradually outputs. (3) Paper feeding mechanism. Accurately transfer the paper separated by the paper separation mechanism through the feeding board to the regular components for positioning. (4) The air circuit system, in conjunction with the paper separation mechanism, distributes the blowing or suction air to the blowing or suction nozzle, including an air pump, air circuit, and air valve. (5) Automatic control system. The automatic control device includes double sheet, empty sheet, skewed sheet, and broken paper. When various paper feeding faults occur, it can automatically terminate the operation of the paper feeding components and generate a series of mechanical actions required to stop printing, slow down the speed. When debris is caught in the paper and touches the safety bar during the conveying process, the machine will automatically stop running.


What basic performance should an automatic paper feeder have?


The automatic paper feeder should have the following basic performance: (1) having a high paper feeding and feeding speed to meet the needs of the host. (2) Reliable, stable, and accurate transfer of paper to the registration device for correct positioning. (3) When the variety and specifications of the paper change, it can be easily adjusted. (4) To ensure the correct separation of paper, a device should be installed to prevent double sheets. (5) During the printing process, the paper stacking table can automatically rise to maintain a reasonable height of the paper stack and try to replenish the paper without stopping the machine as much as possible. (6) During the paper feeding process, the paper should not be damaged and the printed surface should not be scratched or dirty. (7) When there are faults such as double sheets, skewed sheets, or scraps of paper, a reliable automatic shutdown device should be installed. (8) The mechanism is simple, easy to operate, and covers a small area, allowing for necessary adjustments during machine operation.