Jprint-440 Double sided multi-color high-speed offset printing machine

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The JP series single sheet double-sided lithography printing machine adopts a non flipping mechanism, which has the characteristics of small space occupation and high overprinting accuracy; Having excellent printing quality and excellent production efficiency, it has strong printing adaptability in medium, long, and short version prints; The durability of its various mechanisms is higher, corresponding to the requirements of high-speed printing; And it is more humanized, automated, and labor-saving; It has higher quality, higher performance, and is more environmentally friendly. The overall performance of the single sheet double-sided lithography printing machine has reached the international leading level of similar products in the 21st century, while filling the gap in the field of high-speed double-sided printing machines for single sheet paper in China; This product mainly has the following advantages:


Unique drum arrangement structure, achieving high-quality double-sided printing without flipping.

High speed and high energy, with a maximum printing speed of 15000 sheets/hour.

Special imprinting roller ceramic sheath technology. It can effectively prevent ink staining and accumulation, and also has a good effect on the reproducibility of the dot.

The impact free conjugate cam with paper teeth opening and closing design, and thin paper printing is also very accurate.

■ Environmentally friendly and energy-saving, with a small footprint. Double sided printing is completed in one pass, with both front and back overprinting and color adjustment simultaneously, greatly reducing paper loss.

Fully automatic version change system, significantly reducing delivery time. Configure automatic ink cleaning device and printing pressure preset function.