PZ4650 Four open multi color single sheet offset printing machine

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Ink level remote control - Using an ink level remote control device, the ink area of each color group can be remotely controlled by pressing the button on the console, greatly saving manpower.

Anti emulsification - The blowing device can accelerate the evaporation rate of the wetting liquid and play a local regulating role in water content. When printing small format paper, excess moisture on both sides can be blown dry. Within the length range of the print, some positions have a small amount of ink. To prevent excessive emulsification of the ink, excess water is blown dry to ensure ink balance, greatly improving the quality of the print.

Three point suspended pressure mechanism

The position accuracy of the rubber drum during operation is completely controlled by three fulcrums, and the wall panel hole has no positioning function, which reduces the difficulty of processing the wall panel hole.

When an equipment accident occurs, the force of damage generated is shared by the pressure fulcrum, causing the pressure fulcrum to bend and deform, reducing the probability of deformation of the rolling element.

The use of a roller pillow ensures smooth operation of the printing plate cylinder and rubber cylinder. Whether the two cylinders rotate through the neutral position or the printing plate comes into contact with the rubber cloth, the pressure remains constant.

Adjust the amount of horizontal ink flow and return timing - The mechanism for adjusting the horizontal ink flow is located on the transmission surface of the machine. It can adjust the horizontal ink amount from 0 to 35mm, and can also move the return point within a 360 degree range in the circumferential direction. The latter adjustment can be used to improve the possible fading of ink color.

Digital and automated operation control system - embodying contemporary offset printing machine ergonomic technology, job presetting, real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis, data memory, ink transfer control, plate lubrication control, and other contemporary digitization, automated offset printing machine operation control technology ensures the safe and efficient operation of equipment, as well as accurate and reliable operation.

Ink remote control system, 24 zone computer remote control, high efficiency, high precision, and good ink uniformity

● Preset function: The touch screen presets job data, greatly reducing the preparation time for job replacement.

Real time monitoring function: It can monitor the various operation states of the printing machine in real time and make real-time online modifications.

Diagnostic function: Quickly diagnose machine faults, prompt solutions, and minimize downtime.

Super value storage function: It can store thousands of job data for you to call at any time.

● Expansion function: Reserve digital prepress interfaces CIP3 and CIP4, as well as remote monitoring interfaces for easy upgrade.

Ink area control: Accurately allocate the ink amount for each ink area, and activate the fine adjustment function to make the print more precise.

● Ink conveying control: The computer-controlled ink hopper system will accurately convey ink according to the percentage you set.

Moisturizing control: The water roller and printing machine speed achieve synchronous proportional follow-up, providing stable ink balance conditions.

Cleaning control: After the printing operation is completed, it can achieve rapid ink closure, making the cleaning operation of the printing machine simple and high-speed.

Display screen shows changes in operation control quantity

● Preset functions

● Real time control function

● Diagnostic function

● Extra value storage function

● Expansion functions

● Ink area control function

● Ink conveying control function

Expanding functions - all UV printing, UV drying between color decks, online cavity glazing and other functions are optional, making our greatest effort to achieve the highest added value for you.